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Build relevant connections with professionals

Here is where you have a community of active and pre-assessed professionals ready to start a job conversation.


Some of the companies in the game:

Find the right talent at the right time

Get rid of the noise

Manual screening for candidates takes a lot of time and energy.

Our recommender AI takes the load of screening and replaces it with professionals that match the job description. Directly in your inbox.

Focus on what matters

Finding the right candidate with the right set of skills is difficult.

We go beyond the standard CV and look at candidates from a holistic perspective, which focuses on experience, skills, values, and their overall platform activity.

Qualifying by design

Cold calling and ghosting candidates translate into wasted time and money.

Our matching system validates your and the candidate's interest before starting the recruitment process, so you know it's an opportunity for both sides.

The Jobful way

We look at the candidate's journey with a company from various angles. Like you, we also care about: culture fit, skills, and the candidate's desire to grow professionally.

Increase Employer Awareness

Your company's growth and culture are at the heart of Jobful. Tell candidates about the values and perks of joining you.

Promote your brand by giving candidates small assignments through our Challenges system.

Showcase your technologies and the most attractive roles through Branded Courses.

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Engage with multiple talents

Our gamification framework keeps candidates active, engaged and ready to start a conversation with you.

Take the engagement to the next level by adding experiences or goodies in the shop and benefiting from our referral system.

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Pre-assess real abilities

Pre-qualify and pre-assess candidates through our challenges system. Create your quizzes to spark competition and skill proving.

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Up-skill - Hire for potential

Create your own branded course and get involved in up-skilling candidates towards your business goals.

Hire candidates who are already familiar with your company culture & role to improve performance and retention.

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Grow your hiring rate 5 times and cut time to fill in half

Receive only relevant candidate recommendations.

Pre-assess selected candidates to test skills.

Schedule job interviews only with the candidates who have the highest potential to become the next colleague.

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Adrian Stratulat
The Jobful platform is unique in many ways. The interface is simple, elegant, and intuitive. One of the reasons we found a colleague on Jobful very quickly was because an awesome concept attracts an awesome community. The quality of the human resource you find here is perhaps the most important differentiator. We at iziBAC strongly recommend Jobful.
Zinovie Ernu
During our collaboration with Jobful, I appreciated the creative ideas they had, both from design and functionality (we have academies for jobs, WOW). With a user-friendly interface, but also a team of professionals, good developers, very flexible and open to new ideas, and “plan changes.” These are just some of the things that differentiate them.
Irina-Alexandra Licu
Coca-Cola HBC
The Jobful team is one of our favorite collaborators. As passion unites and differences strengthen, they build a synergistic team and bring added value to all the projects we have carried out together through hard work and perseverance. They always came up with unique proposals and ideas, vision, and creativity, making our job easier and offering all the necessary support to achieve our goals. Flexibility and agility combined with our way of working, all based on excellent communication. They are professionals, and we highly recommend them!
Andreea Ganea
ING Tech
What I like about the Jobful platform is that it is really simple to use it. You can see how many people started and graduated the Academy and their final score; so the match between candidates and companies happens really smoothly. I appreciate the candidates' innovative profile, which includes percentages on different personal skills, values ​​, or salary expectations.

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Challenge your candidates interactively

We at Jobful are working with human motivators - we want to know what makes the best candidates tick. Based on our gamification experience and on our work so far, the proactive candidates are not eager to stay calm and wait until a recruiter contacts them - they want to prove their knowledge, skills and motivation to join your company...

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A new & powerful tool in your recruiting arsenal

This week we are happy to announce that we are incorporating a brand-new algorithm into our gamification platform to calculate the user’s response likelihood. On this occasion, we would like to give you a glimpse into our cutting-edge technology and, as usual, make the recruitment process easier for you...

Read more

The Matching System

At first sight, you will notice that candidate profiles on Jobful are anonymized. We only disclose candidates’ personal information after they express their agreement to share with a specific company - which we call a match. By anonymizing candidates, we take a stand against gender, age and other biases in recruitment...

Read more

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