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Jobful is where you prove your skills through play and where you get matched with the perfect job for you.

Human Focused

The difference between human resources and talent centricity

Understanding human motivators and building the entire framework around them makes the difference between a useful HR tool and an attractive experience.

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We Enable Organizations
to Empower People

Regardless of industry, future-ready recruitment processes are:


by designing frameworks that work like a decentralized process putting talent back to their core


processes aren’t mapped out as simple functionalities, but as holistic approaches


offering clear professional journeys, with integrative approaches to learning, technical assessments and people culture


through internal mobility programs, lifelong learning capabilities and metrics that help talent track their progress

Transferable Skills

focused on meta competencies, transferable skills, healthy mindsets and common values

Gamified approach

transforming every part of the process in a fun & engaging user experience

Some of the companies we work with:

Thoughts from our partners:

Adrian Stratulat
The Jobful platform is unique in many ways. The interface is simple, elegant, and intuitive. One of the reasons we found a colleague on Jobful very quickly was because an awesome concept attracts an awesome community. The quality of the human resource you find here is perhaps the most important differentiator. We at iziBAC strongly recommend Jobful.
Zinovie Ernu
During our collaboration with Jobful, I appreciated the creative ideas they had, both from design and functionality (we have academies for jobs, WOW). With a user-friendly interface, but also a team of professionals, good developers, very flexible and open to new ideas, and “plan changes.” These are just some of the things that differentiate them.
Irina-Alexandra Licu
Coca-Cola HBC
The Jobful team is one of our favorite collaborators. As passion unites and differences strengthen, they build a synergistic team and bring added value to all the projects we have carried out together through hard work and perseverance. They always came up with unique proposals and ideas, vision, and creativity, making our job easier and offering all the necessary support to achieve our goals. Flexibility and agility combined with our way of working, all based on excellent communication.
Andreea Ganea
ING Tech
What I like about the Jobful platform is that it is really simple to use it. You can see how many people started and graduated the Academy and their final score; so the match between candidates and companies happens really smoothly. I appreciate the candidates' innovative profile, which includes percentages on different personal skills, values ​​, or salary expectations.

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