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Celebrating 4 Years of Achievements

We are Jobful. We’re a growing startup focused on making recruitment and engagement about people instead of processes through gamified frameworks & human focused design.

Our Story
In The Making

In 2018, after one too many interactions with the recruitment industry, we’ve decided that it needs a total redo - a rethinking of candidate experiences through human focused design and people-centric approaches. It was bold, but we wanted to shift back the focus from process to people. 

What sounds like a pressing need today sounded very alien back in 2018. But we’ve persevered in our mission to help companies empower their talent.

Acceleration Programs

These 4 years have been formative, and full of learning experiences. We’re truly grateful for it all.


Spherik by KPMG Acceleration Program


3rd Place & Popularity Prize at Startarium


Graduated from the Berlin Acceleration Program


Graduated from NUMA (WEVE) New York Acceleration Program


Graduated from InnovX Scale-up Acceleration Program


Joined Star Venture program by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Jobful in Funding

We don’t think that numbers tell the full story, but they do map out our intentions & our plans for the future. So here they are: 

Our Accomplishments

Forbes 30u30

Mihai Cepoi was nominated by Forbes Romania as one of the brilliant minds of our generation back in 2019. Don’t believe us, just challenge him to a game of chess. 

Founder of the Year

Mihai Cepoi was designated the startup founder of the year in 2019.

Best Pitch How to Web

2019 was a very good year for Jobful, because it’s the moment we understood how seriously this industry needs a complete rewiring. (How to Web)

Top 5 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

In December 2020 we launched our solution on Product Hunt, thinking it’s time to go fully public with our intentions to reshape connectivity in the workplace.

2nd Best RO Startup 2022

This year, we are on EU Startups’ list of Romanian startups to look for in 2022.

And We’re Just Getting Started

stay tuned and make sure not to miss our latest updates.

Proud enabler of
Jobs for Ukraine

We realize that we have the privilege of being able to help the displaced people from Ukraine find a better future & regain their financial stability through the platform we’ve built. So with the help of InnovX and BCR, who have funded & supported this initiative, we’ve decided to help companies hire Ukrainians, all for free. 

The support we’ve received has humbled us, and we’re so devoted to making this project one of the best so far.

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